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What is The Hotel Florist™ & How to Start Working with Hotels

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If you’ve stumbled across this blog, it might be because you’ve been looking for consistent income as a florist. Maybe you are looking for ways to expand your business, or maybe you’ve heard the term hotel florist and you want to investigate more.

I wasn’t always a hotel florist. I started off like many, running my own floral company, chasing brides and relying on weddings – but I wanted a more stable income that I could count on, with less of the burn out. 

In this podcast episode that will be linked down below (or here if you want to skip to the content gold), you’ll hear my story and how The Hotel Florist™ was born. 

You’ll also hear:

Different ways you can be hired as a hotel florist

These can include: helping hotels with holidays, assisting them with their event and wedding florals. This means you could be the go-to florist for this specific hotel.

Different types of payment structures you can expect from working with hotels

…Including one that I usually advise against – because I’m looking out for you and want you to keep your power.

One great way to get your foot in the door is through doing the hotel’s holiday decor so you and the hotel can get a taste of what your working arrangement may be like. Another is being their primary hotel florist, not just for events, through a contractual agreement set between the two of you.

Payment structures could range from being paid for a design fee, an install fee, a storage fee, et cetera where they’re cutting you checks for specific things. It could also look like being signed for the year, two years, three years, and you’re getting paid monthly, which leads to the next part of what you’ll hear in this episode.

What consistent income is and why you need it to grow your business.

This may seem self explanatory but trust me, you’ll want to hear the ways fellow hotel florists have exploded their businesses with this opportunity.

Consistent income gives you more flexibility in your business. If you’re wanting to know how you can apply that to your business right now, as in how to actually integrate this into what I’m currently doing, check out this free masterclass which is only 28 minutes long and see how your business can grow.

A specific example on how one 6-year contract generated almost a million dollars in business revenue

Getting super crystal clear on everything I wanted and how to achieve it over the course of this contract allowed me to build my entire business model on it. It also allowed me to create Petals to Profit – this turnkey floral design program on how to create a profitable and sustainable flower design business. If you are ready to stop living in fight or flight mode in your business, then this is for you.

I know where you’ve come from. I’ve been part of your journey. I understand how the brand has evolved. I get the facts and the figures, but what do I do next?

This is why I started The Hotel Florist™ Profit Method. Along the way, I also created so many free resources like the free masterclass, Legal clauses that you really need to keep in mind when you’re thinking about drafting a contract to include with your proposal, and then Five tips to land hotel partnerships.

How to actually start working with hotels.

The knowledge of contract work with hotels came from a lot of experience pitching to hotels. I wasn’t always given a yes straight off the bat. It didn’t happen for me right away. It took a lot of learning along the way. If you’re ready for that catalyst in your business, the one that will change everything for you, then I invite you to check out The Hotel Florist™ Profit Method. This is where we focus on the turnkey process of pitching, landing, designing for and automating hotel partnerships. There is no rock unturned.

If you want to…

Know how to install? 

Tear down the install? 

What flowers will last through the week? 

What questions to ask?

Know how to make your proposal?

Know how to nail your first meeting?

Plus so much more is included in this program. It will even show you how to automate your hotel partnership so you can finally take a step back and enjoy life! Hello dual-continent lifestyle (I speak from experience)!

Thank you so much for reading along, if you skimmed through and you’re interested in hearing more details about this amazing and informative episode, you can listen here on Apple Podcasts and here on Spotify plus anywhere else you listen to podcasts!

Keep blooming, 

Franceska x

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