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The Hotel Florist Podcast

Kelly Carlson, went from outside sales which she had been doing for 22 years to opening her own floral business in her garage! She owns Boones Blooms in South Carolina which caters to hospitality businesses, events and subscriptions.  The pandemic shifted a lot of career paths and desires for many people. It allowed us to […]

Leaving a Full-Time Career for a Blooming Business

The Hotel Florist Podcast

Hi Flower Friend, This season’s episodes have been focused on putting you in the shoes of other florists who have gone and done the damn thing by becoming hotel florists and providing luxury florals for their high end clients. I thought I’d jump into sharing with you on how you can get your foot in […]

The Best Lessons I Have Learned By Taking A Risk

The Hotel Florist Podcast

This is for you if you have been thinking of getting out of the industry that you’re currently in. You are ready to explore different ways that you can create consistent income by creating big, beautiful and artistic floral arrangements – because flowers are your passion. You are going to like this story, as I […]

Outgrown Fashion Expert turns Full Bloom Artist In Residence Florist