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I consider myself a serial multi passionate entrepreneur, a helpful push, a get ish done type of boss. If you're anything like me you are working on your next big thing. I’m an international floral designer who’s run 3 studios from Dubai, UAE to Houston and Dallas, USA, slinging stems from London to Perth. I went from chasing being “booked and busy” in order to validate my self worth to realizing that there is more to life than chasing brides. Using my education and background in luxury hotel management, I’ve become the “go-to” in Hospitality Floral design and replaced my multi-six figure income swapping the 6-day a week hustle with the 1-day a week ease. As a Projector and Enneagram 3 I am built to perform and guide others to their potential and I can’t wait to work with you.

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Meet the founder — franceska mccaughan

You’ve been asking yourself how you can go from a simple florist to a hotel florist and learn the floral designs that hotels expect to see.

You’re struggling with figuring out pricing and getting in touch with the right people at the hotel and selling them on your floral designs.

As a florist you have been racking your brain on how to create consistent income but don’t know where to start.

You started your business to build freedom in your life, but it hasn't turned out quite like you imagine?

Are you tired of running the hamster wheel ?

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A self guided, learn at your own pace, course for florists who are looking to dip into hotel floral design and working with hotels.

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— naomi, Floral Designer

“Franceska gives very detailed information out, not just a bunch of high level sorta info....but real, detailed and extremely helpful info.”

— Dimyena, Floral Shop Owner

“Don't approach a hotel without taking this course. This course will give you knowledge and confidence.”

— Tiffany, Interior Designer & Floral Artist

“Direct access to Franceska on the live calls is just so much more efficient and I get pumped up to go do it!”

— Kathryn, Floral Shop Owner

“This course is excellent and is filled with insider tips to help you feel confident approaching hotel management and tips to make you successful with your installations.”

I'm Ready, show me how!

It’s time to pull the handbrake on chasing brides in order to hit your revenue goals and build your floral design business, sustainably. If you are looking for a sign that there is more out there, a better way of doing things, then here’s your sign - it’s time to create consistent $5k months and stop depending on unstable wedding and event income.

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The Hotel Florist™ with Franceska McCaughan

A podcast about creating consistent income by becoming a hotel florist for floral designers, by a floral designer

The floral Business Breakthrough — with Franceska

Becoming The Hotel Florist

Ep. 01

Just imagine if I could crawl through your phone and fireside chat about all of the topics to soothe your burning hunger to know all the things related to what it takes to be a hotel florist and creating consistent income in your business... Well pull up a seat and let's slay that floral dragon.

Jelle Vanderbrocke, Hotel General Manager

Ep. 6

Jon Cummins — Hotel Owner

Ep. 16