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Step-by-Step Floral Business Framework

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Get instant access to all of our pre-recorded lessons so that you can easily learn what you need, when you need it! You will receive a certificate at completion and be added to The Hotel Florist Network for potential future partnerships.

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Save time with my go-to phone and email scripts as well as my exact templates to make automating your business that much faster when it comes to hiring and negotiating!

Done For You Templates

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“Don't approach a hotel without taking this course. You need to be equipped with the confidence that you know what you're doing and what you're talking about. Hotel managers will not spend their time on you if they have any inclination you're not a professional hotel florist. Franceska will give you that knowledge and confidence.”

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I consider myself a serial multi passionate entrepreneur, a helpful push, a get ish done type of boss. If you're anything like me you are working on your next big thing. I’m an international floral designer who’s run 3 studios from Dubai, UAE to Houston and Dallas, USA, slinging stems from London to Perth. I went from chasing being “booked and busy” in order to validate my self worth to realizing that there is more to life than chasing brides. Using my education and background in luxury hotel management, I’ve become the “go-to” in Hospitality Floral design and replaced my multi-six figure income swapping the 6-day a week hustle with the 1-day a week ease. As a Projector and Enneagram 3 I am built to perform and guide others to their potential and I can’t wait to work with you.

Floral Business Coach and your newest Hype Woman

Meet the founder — franceska mccaughan

Access to the Hotel Florist Profit Method + all Bonus Trainings for 12 months.

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Behind the scenes hotel installs & breakdowns.

Certification Program and access to The Hotel Florist™ Network.

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Hiring & Managing Contractors & Employees plus contract templates.

All previous live Q&As + design upgrades.



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Instant access to the Hotel Florist Profit Method + all Bonus Trainings.

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— naomi, Floral Designer

“Franceska gives very detailed information out, not just a bunch of high level sorta info....but real, detailed and extremely helpful info.”

— Dimyena, Floral Shop Owner

“Don't approach a hotel without taking this course. This course will give you knowledge and confidence.”

— Tiffany, Interior Designer & Floral Artist

“Direct access to Franceska on the live calls is just so much more efficient and I get pumped up to go do it!”

— Kathryn, Floral Shop Owner

“This course is excellent and is filled with insider tips to help you feel confident approaching hotel management and tips to make you successful with your installations.”

Did you know that the majority of florists are self taught through experience and resources?

Mechanics + Tools

Did you know that you can secure a 1-3 year contract by solving pain points & delivering deep desires?

Sales Psychology

Did you know that the majority of luxury corporate & hospitality clients come from Word of Mouth?


Did you know that you need less than 3 clients to make six figures per year?

Client Building

Did you know that you can work 1 day a week without sacrificing revenue?


Did you know that there is a tax difference between employees and contractors?

Team Building

Did you know that the average base salary of a florist is $50k? 

Numbers + Data

Did you know that 50% of businesses fail in the first year? 

Your Offer

to help you systemize and scale your business!

Just a few topics that we will cover inside

Frequently Asked Questions

you may be wondering about some things

Yes! I hear you, I was you. This course will take your hand and guide you to consistent income without being overwhelmed in the process. You have access to my exact blueprint so no need to burn any brain calories trying to figure it out on your own.

I can appreciate that times are uncertain right now. However what is for certain is that the hospitality industry isn’t going anywhere. Now is the time to invest in yourself and start building your relationship with potential hotel clients so as they grow, you do too.  problem-solvers do-gooder policymaker.

Absolutely!! We have members inside the HFPM from all around the world. The hospitality industry is similar across the board, it’s just taking into consideration the cultural perspectives and as a local, that’s your strength! I can teach you the rest.

The Hotel Florist Profit Method has a 30-day refund policy. On the rare chance you implement the strategies you learn and don't get results, just send us your work within 30 days of enrollment and we will refund 100% of your purchase.

Hi!! I totally get it! To date I’ve invested in over $40k of resources. Some of them I never used. Or watched 1-2 videos and that was enough to get the energy/confidence that I needed to take my next step. I used to be hard on myself about it but also realized that I always benefited from those purchases regardless of how committed I was to them. 

I’m not sure what your driving force was behind those courses you mentioned but if you’re wanting that stable hotel income, this course is for you. And like you said, you’re not going to get that from what you currently have because no one is teaching this. The lessons are straightforward and full of valuable information and there is monthly coaching included to ensure you’re set up for success AND supported —Meaning it’s not cookie cutter leaving you with more questions. It’s keeping you accountable to your commitment to your goals because that’s important to me.