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It’s time to pull the handbrake on chasing brides in order to hit your revenue goals and build your floral design business, sustainably. If you are looking for a sign that there is more out there, a better way of doing things, then here’s your sign - it’s time to create consistent $5k months and stop depending on unstable wedding and event income.

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Yes! This course specifically focuses on how to land hotels, including 3-5 star hotels. Please note that 5 star hotels typically have bigger budgets but working with 3-4 star hotels increases your experience, creates consistent income and helps you contribute to your community! The lessons inside the HFPM course can also be used to approach any type of corporate client, (retail, restaurant, real estate, etc).

Absolutely! Restaurants use the same terminology as hotels. Though the HFPM course is focused specifically on landing hotel accounts, you can transfer the information, templates, contracts, etc. and apply it to any corporate account you want to pitch your floral services to.
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Yes! This course takes you from A-Z teaching you everything you need to know and to have when pitching, landing, designing and automating hotel clients. If you are desiring to work with hotels and are ready to follow a proven blueprint step by step, then the HFPM course is for you!

Unlike weddings and events, having an established brand as a hotel florist isn’t required to be considered. Make sure your marketing is curated for your hotel client in mind, ask the right questions so you know best how to solve their floral needs and deliver outstanding service. This is what will set you apart, resulting in an established brand.