I found myself in the middle of the desert in the United Arab Emirates trying to buy flowers out of a van off a sandy road from a man who didn’t speak English, as camels walked by. Seriously, where was Netflix when I needed them? I quickly assumed the only way to make money as a florist was “to do weddings”. So I did weddings in Dubai and when I moved to Houston a year later, I decided to figure out how to build my business without weddings. I learned how to create consistent income through hospitality floral design so I could stop depending on unstable wedding and event income - and I now teach you how to do the same. Since those desert days, I’ve generated over 1 million dollars with my floral business while designing my business to operate on autopilot. I now lead other fedup floral designers to become the business owners they’ve always desired to be.

I'm Franceska McCaughan

A multi-passionate entrepreneur who didn't start out to become an industry disrupter. It was born out of necessity and desire, here's the story...

About the founder

You have this calling for a reason. You have been given these talents for a reason. You have the desire to support yourself and your family, by doing what you love, for a reason. Don’t let depending on unstable wedding and event income define your life. It’s time to take back control, to realize that there is an easier way, to finally design a business that gives you a lifestyle you love. The beauty about the floral design industry is that there are so many opportunities to discover, to bring so much joy to either one person or help a company bring their mission to life, through your designs. It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to stop hiding your talents. It’s time to stop focusing on clients and business that leaves you feeling “meh” at the end of the day. Your work is art. And without “art” on Earth, well life would just be, “eh”. It’s time to create consistent income, so you can stop depending on wedding and event income, through your art. It’s time to invest in yourself and expand your depths of creativity. It’s time to live to create - not create to live. You’re in the right place. Keep Blooming.

Coaching and educational resources for florists who want to create consistent income in their business without depending on unstable wedding and event income.

About the Company

Entrepreneurial spirit in everything we commit to; Industry Disruptor is the reputation we uphold.

We support florists jumping from freebie to course without seeing tangible results by providing a proven road map to consistent income and support to get you there.

Roughly 18,000+ unique downloads of The Hotel Florist™ podcast since 2021

Our Mission: Helping florists create consistent $100k-$3M years via hospitality floral design so they can stop depending on weddings.

We have a private Network of vetted Hotel Florists who have been through the Hotel Florist Profit Method whom we refer out to our hospitality clients

We have welcomed over 250+ florists into our programs from over 20 countries and 80% of the USA.

THF Details

It's just #facts

• Obtained a Masters in Floral Design

• Franzie’s Flower Design was Founded in Dubai, UAE

• Designed for Waldorf Astoria


The Hotel Florist™ didn't just happen overnight, it started with a burnt out floral designer and a dream for a time when things would be easy. Here's my journey…

The Timeline

Through the years