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Christi Lopez joins me today and she is a floral entrepreneur who has learned that a healthy, thriving floral business doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful to be incredibly successful.  And I’m talking 7-figures successful. Let’s get blooming.  Franceska McCaughan: I love the fact that you are a woman and are showing up and […]

What Working with Hotels Florals Taught Me: An Interview the Floral Business Academy

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It’s time to pull the handbrake on chasing brides in order to hit your revenue goals and build your floral design business, sustainably. If you are looking for a sign that there is more out there, a better way of doing things, then here’s your sign - it’s time to create consistent $5k months and stop depending on unstable wedding and event income.

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The Hotel Florist™ with Franceska McCaughan

A podcast about creating consistent income by becoming a hotel florist for floral designers, by a floral designer

The floral Business Breakthrough — with Franceska

Becoming The Hotel Florist

Ep. 01

Just imagine if I could crawl through your phone and fireside chat about all of the topics to soothe your burning hunger to know all the things related to what it takes to be a hotel florist and creating consistent income in your business... Well pull up a seat and let's slay that floral dragon.

Jelle Vanderbrocke, Hotel General Manager

Ep. 6

Jon Cummins — Hotel Owner

Ep. 16