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The #1 Thing You Need to Avoid as a New Hotel Florist

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Are you looking to grow your business and get into the hotel floral industry? Congrats!

Today, I want to share with you the #1 mistake new florists make (so you can avoid it yourself).

It can be hard knowing who to go to pitch your new services at a hotel but here is what you shouldn’t do…walk into the hotel lobby and approach anyone and everyone. 

What do I mean by this? Let me give you an example.

Maybe you’re thinking of walking up to the front desk and dropping off some flowers. You may be hoping that these beautiful flowers will get passed off by the front desk attendee and will land you a meeting with whoever is in charge. 

I hate to shoot you down but this won’t get you anywhere fast.

Nor will talking to the bartender, or speaking to your friend that works at the hotel. 

Maybe you’re one step ahead of me, and you’re thinking of just asking to speak to a manager… 

… but you’re not even sure which manager you should be speaking to or what their role is, and if that role has anything to do with decision-making regarding florals. 

Before we go any further, I want to unpack why we even make this mistake. 

You may be thinking, “The more people I approach, the more likely I am to get to the right person and get the contract.” 

We’ve been told by all the marketing “gurus” to cast a wide net. That by casting a wide net, you will find the right person. 

You’re not going to find the right person that way. 

Right now, you need to learn how to fish with a pole, not a net. Go fishing for that one right person. The prize catch. You need to catch the fish that’s the decision-maker. 

In my free masterclass about landing hotel partnerships, I teach you who that is and in my program the Hotel Florist Profit Method, I take it a step further and teach you exactly how to approach them. You learn about the hospitality hierarchy and who makes the decisions. 

Generally though, in hospitality, there are non-decision makers, gatekeepers, and decision-makers.

You need to start with the gatekeepers, not the non-decisions makers like front desk attendees. Building good rapport with the gatekeepers gets you to the decision-makers, a.k.a the ones who sign your future checks. 

The gatekeeper at most luxury hotels is the Director of Sales and Marketing. They are a great person to get your foot in the door with.

There is also the Director of Food and Beverage. They work very closely with the Director of Sales and Marketing.  

Another gatekeeper is the Director of Operations. They are essentially the hotel manager and the General Manager’s right hand. 

From there, the decision-maker is going to be the GM or ownership. Use the relationship you’ve built with the gatekeeper to gain a meeting with GM or ownership. 

Starting with gatekeepers no longer has you casting a wide net and hoping for the best. Now, you’re using a fishing pole and intentionally cast it to hook, line, and sinker the decision-maker. 

Keep blooming,

Franceska x

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