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Hotel Florals: They are NOT the same as Wedding and Event Florals

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Almost every piece of working with hotels – from the initial pitch meeting to the contract to the floral design – is completely different from the process of working on weddings and events. 

The biggest and most obvious difference is that hotel floral installs and arrangements have to last 7 days versus event flowers which, fingers crossed, stay fresh for 24 hours.

(Psst In the Hotel Florist Profit Method, there is a guide with over 50 different types of flowers that last for 7 days to use in hotel floral design.) 

The workload is vastly different too. 

With events, the flowers arrive on Wednesday, you’ve conditioned them, design all day on Thursday and Friday, install on Saturday, break down during the early hours of Sunday morning, and do it all again the following week. 

Before hiring my team, I was working 1 day a week serving my hotel clients. Now I am entirely remote and have put the design process in the very-capable hands of my lead floral designer. 

Finally, let’s talk about the design process in general.

For weddings and events, you get to highlight your style and brand. We, as florists, are told our signature style defines our brand and business and how we stand out in the industry. 

If you want to design for hotels, that could not be further from the truth. 

Whatever signature style you’ve developed for weddings and events is not what will get you hotel clients. 

Hotel floral design has to meet the hotel’s brand standards. 

My tip for you here: put on your Adidas Boosts and figure out how you can meet the needs of the hotel with your unique solutions rather than style. 

Keep blooming,

Franceska x

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