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How To Land Hotel Floral Contracts and Create Consistent $5K Months in The Hotel Florist Profit Method

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A few months ago, I received an email, and to the person who sent it, thank you. 

The email goes, and maybe you’ve had a similar thought:

“I’ve listened, and re-listened, to all of your podcasts and I’m unclear on what $222 per month is going to get me other than a contract. Can you explain, or am I missing something or everything?”

My first thought? 

I love a woman who isn’t afraid to ask questions, especially when it comes to money.

She had heard me speak over and over about my signature program The Hotel Florist Profit Method but she didn’t exactly understand how this program could help her.

To answer the question, the ultimate goal is, yes, to land hotel floral contracts and create consistent $5K months without relying on unstable wedding and event income…

… but I can totally understand how that seems a little blasé or salesy.

I want you to know exactly what you get inside The Hotel Florist Profit Method for $222 per month. 

Before any floral design or hotels, we check in with our mindset.

I can teach you exactly how, from A to Z, to be a successful hotel florist, but if you don’t believe in yourself first and foremost, what’s the point? 

These psychology-backed exercises are key to your success – and to mine! I use them to this day. 

Then, it’s time for Landing Hotel Floral Partnerships.

Learn how to get the meeting, pitch to the hotel, and stand out from the “competition” with my proven phone and email templates that have helped numerous students land hotel floral contracts of their own, and a list of 30+ questions to choose from when doing a walk-through. 

Following that is Designing for Hotel Partnerships where you learn mechanics, what flowers to use, and 3 hotel floral design recipes from yours truly. 

You’ll also get to see BTS of my installs and breakdowns – a front row seat to what it’s like to design for 4- and 5-star hotels. 

Finally, and my favorite module, How to Automate Hotel Partnerships.

Learn how to create consistent income, working 1 day a week, without compromising your revenue using my exact pricing, logistics, inventory, proposal, design, and ordering formulas, along with my exact hotel contract template.


The last thing I want is for you to invest your time and money into something and it leave you feeling like, “now what?” 

The Hotel Florist Profit Method gives you everything you need to create consistent $5K months without relying on unstable wedding and event income. 

If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I love this community so much. Thank you for being here and thank you for reading. 

Keep blooming, 


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