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How Florists Make Hotels More Social Media Friendly

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Hotel guests can become your brand’s strongest (free) marketing influence. ⁠With the right aesthetic, a hotel is well on its way to becoming an “insta-worthy” destination. ⁠Keep reading to learn three ways that florists make hotels more social media friendly.

Stylish decor and luxury comforts make it difficult for guests to resist using the hotel as the backdrop for their next epic Instagram post. ⁠

… and when their followers see it? 

They’ll have to put on their best digs and book a reservation at the hotel restaurant – or even a staycation – so they have fresh content for their own feed. 

Floral designers are experts at creating floral installs that make it easy and irresistible for guests to share their experiences far and wide on social media. 

Here are 3 ways florists make hotels more social media friendly. 

Make A Statement 

In high traffic areas like lobbies and common areas, focus the floral budget and your creativity on a show-stopping design that guests can’t help to stop and snap a picture of. 

The design should be anything but ordinary and provoke curiosity and excitement while being in line with hotel brand standards. 

Small Details, Big Impact

The smallest floral or botanical touch can have a big impact on more intimate spaces like restaurants and elevator banks. 

A cherry blossom submerged in a small round vase is the perfect prop for your guests to capture their morning coffee with, ensuring free social media marketing that is on-brand for the hotel. 

Lighting Meets Floral 

Lighting is crucial to floral design, especially the color, grouping, and structure. 

The lighting can also impact the lifespan of your flowers. Direct, harsh light can burn the flowers or play a part in murky water, resulting in more than weekly maintenance. 

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