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4 Must-Haves For A Successful Floral Business

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When it comes to running a floral business, these 4 essentials are invaluable to your success. 

The first? A mentor. 

I would not be where I am today in my floral business without my mentor, Beth O’Reilly. She is one of the biggest reasons I’ve been so successful. 

The second? Technique and Principles of Design are essential. 

If you’ve ever taken a basic art class, you’re most likely already familiar with the principles and elements of design (line, form, texture, color, etc). But a refresher every now and then is always a good idea. 

Having a solid foundation of design knowledge gives you the freedom to develop your own personal style and technique. 

The third? Problem solving. 

Not what you were expecting? 99% of what we do is problem-solving. 

So don’t get freaked out when something doesn’t go your way, because it will happen. 

But problems aren’t failures! As we problem-solve and observe and learn from ourselves and others what works and doesn’t work, we pick up new techniques and skills.

Know that you’re going to come across problems and see it as a learning opportunity that, ultimately, will make you a true expert of your craft. 

The fourth might also surprise you: Confidence. 

The first module of the Hotel Florist Profit Method is literally: how can I teach you to be as confident as possible? 

Because I can teach you the design and what to say and how to automate your business, but ultimately it’s confidence – confidence in who you are, what you offer, and what you’re doing. 

Confidence is what allows you to step out and try new things – new techniques, new designs, and land new clients! 

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