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Take Your Flower Photos From Meh To Marvellous

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It’s no secret that in order to grow social media platforms, good photos are essential.

You may be a fantastic floral designer, but without knowing how to capture your work in a way that is eye-catching and forcing your followers to “slow their scroll,” no one will ever see them.

Practice these tips to take your flower photos from 🥀 to 🌹!

1.  Use a clean, consistent, and creative backdrop for your flower photos

You can DIY a lightbox by taping 2 pieces of white foam board together in an L-shape and place it near a window for natural lighting.

Or invest in a couple of backdrops in your brand colors to capture your work to ensure your social media feed is picture-perfect and on-brand. 

Adding props like tea lights or votive candles adds an extra layer of visual interest to photos and videos. 

Bonus tip, if you’re shooting video, use Cinematic mode, and for photos, use Portrait mode to keep the focus on your florals and elevate how you capture your work. 

2. Lighting is everything with your flower photos

If you’re taking photos outside, the light to avoid is early afternoon through noon, as it’s the harshest.

Taking photos early in the morning, during Golden Hour, or on a cloudy day will give you the best results.

If you’re taking photos inside, consider getting your hands on a handheld light wand to add a nice wash of color to a background or foreground.  

3. The Rule of Threes

This is such an important rule and a total gamechanger when it comes to the quality of your photos!

For the Rule of Threes, your subject should be on either side of the photo for an asymmetrical image or dead center.

The grid on your smartphone is there to help with this.

Turn on the grid on your iPhone, open Settings and scroll down to Photos & Camera. Tap and then scroll down until you see Grid. Tap Grid to toggle it on. 

4. Editing and Filters

Now that you have your photos, you want your photos (and social media feed) to be cohesive.

You can do this with the Lightroom app! Lightroom is a free app that’s easy to use and you can download it right to your phone.

Depending on your editing style and preference, you can purchase a preset (AKA a filter) to add to Lightroom or create your own.

I’m here to tell you first-hand you do not need a professional DSLR camera and fancy lenses to get good photos and up your social media game.

An iPhone and these 4 tips will do!

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