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Outgrown Fashion Expert turns Full Bloom Artist In Residence Florist

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This is for you if you have been thinking of getting out of the industry that you’re currently in. You are ready to explore different ways that you can create consistent income by creating big, beautiful and artistic floral arrangements – because flowers are your passion.

You are going to like this story, as I think you’ll be able to relate.

Have you ever felt like you had an idea of where you wanted to go but you weren’t quite sure how to get there and how to execute the idea? 

In your head you can see yourself being in this amazing hotel creating beautiful designs. You know you can create that magic because you hold that creative power.

The details in order to get there and to be the florist that works with that hotel, tends to be a little foggy..

Especially if you’re coming from wedding florals or a completely different industry, for instance, fashion like Hotel Florist Profit Method member, Arlene Guerra

Arlene was able to take the blueprint from The Hotel Florist™ Profit Method and apply it every step of the way from leaving the fashion industry to growing her own florals to being the Artist in Residence (AIR) at a hotel in Spokane, Washington.

While the blueprint was given to her, Arlene was able to apply additional knowledge she learned from The Starter Kit and her 1:1 coaching with Franceska from The Hotel Florist™ to jump start her floral design career and business at record speed.

In this podcast Arlene talks about: 

  • Walking with the fear that came up when she approached the hotel she currently designs for.
  • Hashing out how she worked the arrangement into existence with Franceska 1:1 from The Hotel Florist™, because not everything is an immediate yes. Some things take some altering because every hotel has different needs.
  • Shifting from fashion in the city to a slower-pace of life and growing flowers in just a year and a half. Also the lessons she learned and continues to learn about interlacing flower farming and the hospitality floral industry.
  • How investing in mentorship and programs that are high touch has collapsed time and brought her to be an AIR in only 6 months from working with The Hotel Florist™.
  • How to take constructive feedback and apply it to make a real difference in mindset and business and how to let go of the negative feedback.

Arlene has such a unique experience and story and we truly break it all down. You can listen to the whole conversation on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

During the discussion, Arlene shared what made the most difference in how she got to where she is currently. We really connected around mentorship and here’s what I still stand by when it comes to investing in yourself.

“I personally invest in 1-on-1 mentorship because it does collapse time, and you’re going to pay for it one way or the other. You’re going to either pay for it in a currency that you can make again, which is money, or you’re gonna pay for it in a currency, which is time, which you are never gonna get back.” 

Franceska McCaughan, Founder The Hotel Florist™

If you’re ready to learn about how to create consistent income as a floral designer, then you aren’t going to want to miss this episode.

Keep Blooming,

Franceska x

If you’re looking to become an Artist In Residence yourself, be sure to check out How to Pitch an Artist in Residence Program. This program provides a unique strategy that will increase visibility to your floral business, take advantage of under-utilized hotel spaces, and generate more money for your business than you ever could imagine possible.

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