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The Best Lessons I Have Learned By Taking A Risk

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Hi Flower Friend,

This season’s episodes have been focused on putting you in the shoes of other florists who have gone and done the damn thing by becoming hotel florists and providing luxury florals for their high end clients. I thought I’d jump into sharing with you on how you can get your foot in the door with hotel clients but then realized that you deserve something different. You deserve to know that you can go big. You have the power to make a difference in your life. But what about taking a risk? These are the areas in which I had to learn big lessons when it came to taking risks in my life and business:

Investing in yourself:

The times we live in, we’re not taught to invest in ourselves, but that’s exactly what I did in 2022. You are your biggest ROI. What gets in the way of that return on investment is fear. This episode will share with you what happens when you let fear be a passenger instead of the driver of your life.

Going first:

“Hi, it’s me, I’m the problem, it’s me” – to quote the popular Taylor Swift song. In order for our lives to be fulfilling, to feel like we’re truly in a good place, we have to decide to go first. This was a lesson I learned while I was resolving some serious trauma responses. I expected others to treat me one way, but I had to work through treating and loving myself that way first. When others saw my boundaries, they followed. This episode dives in deep about taking that business idea and letting it bloom; allow yourself to go first.

“So if it hasn’t been done before, it just means that it hasn’t been done before. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.”

I cannot ask of others what I have not done for myself:

If you wouldn’t invest that amount, why would your clients?  That belief translates into your perspective when you are pricing your offers. Learn more about how to price offers that you feel worthy of and that your clients will feel worthy of investing in on this week’s episode. It also translates into relationships. If you put the work in then someone else is more likely to put that work in as well. 

I have never let myself down so far, so why would I start now?

I am always sharing my affirmations in the online space and in my programs however here’s something I realized when I was thinking about taking a risk in my business. I have never let myself down. Those affirmations go a long way to help reinforce that mentality but besides that, this is your invitation to remind yourself that you are allowed to go in the direction you want to move forward in.

I know you have overcome something really substantial in your life. I know you can in this moment pick one thing that you were like, you know what? I did not die.”

Honoring seasons of life:

Have you ever heard the term, “grow through what you go through?”. This was a huge lesson that I learned. I had to stop placing meaning on every single thing that happened to me. There are so many seasons of life that if we put so much pressure on ourselves that this specific event did or didn’t happen, that it can in fact hold us back and block us from what we’re meant to be doing. This happened to me this year while writing my memoir on how I broke the cycle of poverty, abuse, and trauma. A big lesson learned, let me tell you.

Seeking outside validation:

When you invest in a course, your coach or mentor is not going to fix or save you. They walk alongside you, be your sounding board and help show you the actionable steps you can take to get to where you want to go. You are the power here. By seeking the validation of others and asking to be saved, we’re not allowing our power to shine through. In fact we are giving it away.

“I encourage you to put yourself in situations where you can be inspired, where you can tap into a container where there are other insanely self-led entrepreneurs that are all going through the same thing.”

Private Mentorship:

Is it required to take this “risk” to run a successful business? Maybe not. However, it is my full belief that if you invest in yourself and into private mentorship that you will get there faster. You will collapse time and create income that may have taken your 5, 10, 15 years to create otherwise. It isn’t all income related. Sometimes it’s personal growth, mindset or even in your day to day relationships. 

“This is one big lesson that I have learned when taking a risk – one brings change while another brings growth. So coaching is the change that you’re looking for, whereas mentorship is the growth that you’re desiring.”

Escaping Timelines:

Timelines are where your goals go to die. Taking a risk in your life means throwing those timelines (that are completely made up) out the window. Why limit yourself when it comes to your goals? Allow it to happen the way it is supposed to. This way of thinking allows you to lean back and receive what is meant for you which is what I focus on in my free community, Millionairess Codes which you can check out here

We don’t need to know how, we need to know the what and the why behind it. By creating consistent income in my floral business I am allowed to open myself up to things that will improve my life. You can too!

Feeling Unsupported:

Have you ever gotten off of a coaching or mentorship call or listened to a really gritty podcast that left you feeling like you just didn’t “get what you needed”? Sometimes we’re simply not in the right headspace, that thought lies in our subconscious waiting for us when we are truly ready to hear it. This lesson is huge and I go over how you can learn to feel more supported during these moments when it feels like we’re just not getting what we came there for in this episode. 

Walking with fear:

The final and biggest lesson I learned from taking risks. Have you felt it? You know that feeling of being scared to death but moving anyway! I talked about this in a post on The Hotel Florist™ instagram, but we get into it deep here and how the perspective shift of fear can be different, if you allow it to be. 

This episode has been power packed with so many lessons, real stories of how to change your life and make a true difference. I hope that you listen to this episode on either Apple, Spotify or the majority of podcast platforms. 

Keep Blooming, 

Franceska x

PS. Race to the bottom?! Here’s a recap. This episode has been power packed with so many lessons, real stories of how to change your life and make a true difference. I hope that you listen to this episode on either Apple or Spotify podcasts.

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