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Leaving a Full-Time Career for a Blooming Business

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Kelly Carlson, went from outside sales which she had been doing for 22 years to opening her own floral business in her garage! She owns Boones Blooms in South Carolina which caters to hospitality businesses, events and subscriptions. 

The pandemic shifted a lot of career paths and desires for many people. It allowed us to step back and see that what we were doing wasn’t fulfilling us in the ways we wanted to live. It reminded us that life is too short to not be passionate about our daily lives. 

When we are unfulfilled in any aspect of our lives, it presents itself as bitterness,  resentment, frustration or anger. These were familiar feelings for Kelly and I’m sure you may have experienced them at some point in your life as well. 

But why florals? 

Shortly before the pandemic hit, Kelly committed to providing florals for a charity event. It sparked an idea for her while she was stuck at home, to create her own floral business. 

It sounds so simple right?

Kelly wondered how she would replace her amazing corporate salary with florals. What allowed her to do this? Grit and determination and investing in the right programs. 

A few things she decided to do before really diving in was research:

While finding her way through her research, she came across The Hotel Florist Profit Method and she was able to learn about all of these things in one program which was actually how we met! 

On a recent podcast episode, Kelly and I speak on creativity vs. business centred knowledge.

Let me explain.

Have you ever thought, I am not creative, I can’t do that! Or even the opposite, I’m super creative and love creating arrangements but I have zero business experience?

Some of you may be more of a business minded person, and some of you may be a creative-first minded person, but we all come from somewhere and in this episode we talk about how we do not have to fit ourselves into one box. 

If something is drawing you to it, you can be both! It’s about finding confidence in the weaker side.

Kelly talks about how she applied her marketing and business skills to her new floral business. She had to basically learn from scratch on how to arrange flowers. This goes to show you do not have to have a lot of experience with flowers to create consistent income. Starting something new can be a little scary but that’s just because fear is the anticipation of pain.!

Throughout this journey for Kelly and a lot of entrepreneurs, a common thing we all need to work through and on is our mindset. Leaving one successful business to try something completely different takes courage but it also takes a belief in yourself. Holding yourself back for the sake of being successful does not equate happiness and passion in one’s life. 

As one of my mentors likes to say it’s hard, but I don’t think being on the hamster wheel, just because you’re making a lot of money, doing that is really the best thing for your soul.


What happened next for Kelly?

An epiphany to leave your current career doesn’t always happen at first, although it did happen fairly quickly for Kelly. Sometimes it takes time working with a mentor or working in a course like Kelly did with The Hotel Florist™. When we were on a life changing retreat in Kenya, she looked at me and told me she was ready to quit her job!

Fear of failing, not feeling worthy, making excuses are all things that we all face in situations like this. Kelly discusses what she did to work on her mindset after her declaration to quit her job and that was to join Petals to Profit and get 1:1 mentorship to be the catalyst she needed. Mentorship in the program, The Making of a Millionairess, also helped immensely with her mindset and how to reclaim her personal power. 

Learning things in a masculine and feminine energy, observing the ways to build up your business while also respecting your boundaries and how to truly make a difference in the world are all things that Kelly was able to learn through the Goddess Millionairess brand. 

Be sure to check out this episode here on Spotify and Apple Podcasts to hear more about that thought process and how she determined what made her feel “ready” to quit her corporate career and move to a more fulfilling and passionate adventure. 

Keep blooming,

Franceska x

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