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From $75 Floral Arrangements to a $15k Holiday Install  

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I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Michelle Christensen of Lady Flora Designs about her journey to becoming a hotel florist, and not just any hotel florist, but one who’s successfully landing $15k holiday installs too.  

Have you ever had a dream or a vision of what your life would look and feel like? After hours of meditation and a step back from her floral business, Michelle started her journey googling how to become a hotel florist. After all, she wasn’t quite sure what being a hotel florist would look like. She just knew that she wanted to experience more joy, self-expression and consistent income.

The simplest thing, a google search, can spark a revolution in your life and Michelle is living proof. 

We’ve all heard so many success stories about how someone else achieved their dreams and goals but the question we all wonder is, how did they get there? 

Where did she start?

Let’s start where her google search led her: The Hotel Florist Podcast.

She made serious strides in her business just by reading these blogs and listening to these podcasts because of all the applicable knowledge that is packed into each episode. She heard from real florists who decided to niche down as a Hotel Florist and it inspired her to chase after a more aligned life. 

After watching the free masterclass, Michelle invested in The Hotel Florist Starter Kit which boosted not only her knowledge but her confidence too. 

Later that year, she invested in $5k in 5 Days which unlocked a huge paradigm shift in her beliefs around money and resulted in generating her own desired amount of income….in record time. 

After learning everything she could and using all that information to build relationships with new clients, she invested in The Hotel Florist Profit Method. This program allowed her to fully support herself with the proven blueprint around landing, designing and automating hotel partnerships. The like minded network of fellow florists and personalized hot seat group coaching was the catalyst she had been looking for, in order to fully step into her new identity as a hotel florist.

What happened next?

By making that choice she quickly witnessed her business scale from $75 flower arrangements to $15k holiday installs.

Small actionable steps taken at the right time can lead to amazing and huge results. It all starts with a small step and a choice. A simple google search. Value that makes an impact from a quick podcast while you’re on the go. An investment in oneself to go after what you deserve.

“You’re gonna either spend your time, which is not a renewable currency, or you’re gonna spend monetarily, which you can always make more money.”

Are you ready to witness the growth and evolution of a florist who decided consistent income was a requirement and did so by rewriting her script? You can hear more about where Michelle started from, the fears she faced, common industry beliefs, mindset shifts and more here on Spotify or Apple Podcast

Keep Blooming,

Franceska x

P.S. If you are wondering how to start working with hotels, be sure to check out my FREE masterclass for florists who want to learn how to achieve consistent income without depending on weddings..

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