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Why mentorship is key to grow your business

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The Hotel Florist™ blogs and podcast episodes have a common theme, which is the transformation mentorship brings in life, business and relationships. 

Angharad Sage, my mentor, shares her own fears from when she began her own journey in the personal development world. She also shares what happened along the way to becoming a powerhouse in her wildly successful online spiritual mentoring and digital product business founded upon deep intimacy. 

After all, even mentors start somewhere. 

Have you ever felt fear when thinking about investing in a coach or a mentor to grow your business? Or maybe you have been browsing social media, sitting in your car listening to a podcast, or reading a book about someone’s success and just immediately start crying or get super angry? You ask yourself…what is wrong with me? Why can’t I do what they’re doing? Why am I stuck in this box?

“If you’re feeling triggered by what someone is talking about, someone you follow, that activation means something.”

Investing in yourself is like pulling yourself up to the table. Are you ready to see what happens?

Then this podcast is for you. If you’re ready to get to the juicy episode just click here, otherwise keep reading! 

My mentor, Angharad, shares about her feelings of inadequacy and how eventually she learned that it was actually holding her back. One of the driving forces behind investing? Accountability.

Investing in mentorship begins with your view on mentorship. If you truly want it to make a difference and be the catalyst in your life that it can be, it begins with learning that a good mentor will walk alongside you in the journey to grow your business. They will help you see the things you’re too close to seeing. He or she won’t ask you to do x,y,z, just for the sake of it. 

“If I really want to make this amount of money and have this level of impact, and  heal these wounds in order to become more regulated in my nervous system – then I need to go walk with the women that have already done so versus sitting in my box watching them do it.”

When the fear of inadequacy pops up, we feel that maybe we’re not meant to do what we set out to do. Angharad and I talk about how in fact this is set deep into our being from when we were raised, and that it is possible to work alongside someone who not only knows a little bit about what you’ve been through, but also can prove that you can make your way through those feelings. 

You will only grow your business once you are able to see the overflow in your life. 

If you have passion in your life, it flows to your business. If you have unresolved trauma and depression, it flows into your business. In this episode, we dive into how working on healing ourselves is possible and how that can benefit your entire life. Angharad shares her own journey of healing through depression and the myriad of avenues she worked in to lead her to mentoring.

This episode has been so amazing to make with my mentor Angharad and she’s made such an impact in so many ways. I think you’re really going to love listening to this episode. You can listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

As always I love hearing from you so if you listen in, feel free to share on socials and tag The Hotel Florist™ on Instagram so we can chat about what really hit home for you!

Keep blooming, 

Franceska x

Ps. If you have been following along and on the fence about investing in a mentorship, the 2023 Mastermind is now open.This is for you if you are looking for 1:1 support as well as peer support. There is also a limited high-touch 1:1 monthly telegram coaching spot available if you’re ready to lead the way and work on the areas that you are desiring help in. 

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